America's own double-jointed little starlet!
USA # 1 Contortionist Model - Melissa Miller USA # 1
(America's most memorable "girl next door")

Contortionist Model - Melissa Miller


            Welcome to the official website of actress, model, contortionist and dancer Melissa Miller! We hope you enjoy your stay. Melissa is the perfect representative of the all American "girl next door". In addition, she has acting, contortion, modeling and dance skills which can be applied in many varied venues, to help you promote your products.

            As an actress, Melissa is well spoken, clear, professional... and yet not overly manufactured in her presentations. She presents in an enthusiastic, realistic manner, that is more believable to the public, simply because she truly is the "girl next door". Her basic dance experience is in ballet and jazz. Usually more than enough to perform with most other dancers and smaller professional dance troupes. Her strengths as a model are that she is very easy to work with and extremely patient. Being a model is a very difficult job and Melissa is always ready to tackle the toughest assignments. Perhaps the best talent in this young dynamo's repertoire is in her natural abilities as a body contortionist.


            Realizing she was born with great abilities in contortionism, Melissa always took great pride in easily displaying her extreme flexibility. Every limb in her slim, little, well toned body is completely double-jointed. Without even trying, she can naturally do all the things that even a highly experienced contortion artist can do (and laugh out loud while she's doing it). If you or your company are looking for a model, with the perfect "girl next door" appeal, but you still want something memorable... Melissa will happily astound your customers with a few of her extreme contortion moves.

            More contortion and modeling style pictures will be added shortly, so please bookmark this site and stay tuned. Melissa's professional career as a model and contortionist is just beginning and there's lots more to come!


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Since July 4th, 2004

USA # 1
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